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  • Why doesn't Kidtown have fully enclosed classrooms?
    Kidtown believes that young children need to explore and to play in a setting that contributes to their growth and development. Being isolated in a classroom through the day is very limiting.

  • What about academics? How do kids learn at Kidtown?
    We follow The Creative Curriculum®, but we make our curriculum part of a daily adventure. Preschoolers should not be doing worksheets or be sitting at desks to learn "lessons." They should be exploring the larger world, interacting with other children, and learning as they go.

  • How do you manage the children in such an open atmosphere?
    Visit us and you'll see that the children are quite well-adapted to their surroundings. They know where the limits are, and that they belong to their group and teacher. The limits are understood and accepted.

  • What is the big tv screen for in the middle of the facility?
    We have adapted hundreds of childrens books into large screen presentations that allow us to read and dramatize those stories, while allowing the children to fully see all the text and enjoy and discuss the illustrations, without shouting "I can't see," continuously. The tv is not used for "babysitting" with passive videos, etc.

  • What are the teacher-to-student ratios?
    You will notice that our ratios of adults to children are quite high. We believe in offering as much individual attention and care as possible.

  • What about the Director?
    The Director, or a substitute Director with credentials, is always on site and always aware of conditions in our classrooms and play areas. When necessary, the Director is in the classroom insuring that children are receiving the quality of care we promise.

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